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The Papa Joe’s pub-restaurants “Klimperkasten and “Strickstrumpf (Cologne dialect:Em Streckstrump) await you in the heart of Cologne’s old town. Experience the unmistakably original atmosphere of traditional jazz – live and free of charge. Jazz can be heard daily in Germany’s oldest jazz venue. To accompany your food and beverages we offer a selection of live music, cabaret, piano playing and vaudeville. Experience this unique atmosphere of Cologne’s pub scene. At Papa Joe’s you will discover Cologne’s night life.

Papa Joe’s Biersalon „Klimperkasten”

kk_logoPapa Joe’s saloon, the “Klimperkasten”, is a roaring-twenties style bar with a unique collection of film projectors, illusion- and game-machines and automatic instruments from the twenties, which play hourly. Thanks to the support of our patrons and commitment of our staff, musicians and artists, the “Klimperkasten” has become an institution in Cologne in the last 22 years.

Seating inside for about 130 people and outside for ca.150 people. Cuisine consists of different brewery specialities , soups, salads and much more. For parties of 20 or more people, we offer buffets, individual four course menus, etc. We have 5 draught beers to choose from: Gaffel Kölsch, Karlsberg Pils, Königsbacher Alt, Maisel’s Weizenbeer (wheat beer), and Bayerisches Spaten (only in Summer).

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Source: Cologne in your pocket 2006:

Papa Joe´s Biersalon C-2, Alter Markt 50-52, M Heumarkt

Reminiscent of a 19th-century London gin house, Papa Joe´s is one of the lovellest and liveliest bars in the city. Despite its propensity to hang anything old and funny on the walls, this is far from being a clinical tourist trap. Hard to differentiate between the staff and the clients, there´s always plenty of ridiculous accordion music to keep the beer flowing, or, if you´re lucky, you may walk into one of their live ballroom evenings or a bawdy recital of erotic poetry. Highly recommendet. Open 11:00 – 01:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 – 03:00

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Papa Joe’s Jazz Venue
“Em Streckstrump”

Over the years Papa Joe’s has become universally known by jazz lovers and musicians and has earned the right to call itself “Germany’s oldest jazz venue with live jazz daily”. Even in the U.S.A. Papa Joe’s jazz venue is – besides the “Preservation Hall” in New Orleans – regarded as “The World Known Hotspot of Live Jazz”.

Jazz bands have been playing in Papa Joe’s daily for 30 years with a double concert on Sundays! Admission is always free.



What kind of jazz? Whilst sipping fresh Kölsch (Cologne’s local beer) and munching peanuts you can enjoy mainly traditional jazz: New Orleans, Dixieland, Mainstream, Blues and Swing. Apart from many famous international jazz bands and special guests well known German jazz bands also appear at Papa Joe’s regularly. Homegrown Cologne bands such as “The Maryland Jazzband of Cologne”, “Jazz Preachers”, “Downtown Jazzband, “Dynamo Nippes”, “Holly’s Hot Six”, “The Red Beans”, “Papa Joe’s Jazzmen” and many others have also been loyal to the “Streckstrump” for the last quarter of a century.

Source: Cologne in your pocket 2006:

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Papa Joe´s Jazzlokal C-2, Buttermarkt 37, M Heumarkt

Find the barmaid behind the dangling business cards and foreign money, locate a place to sit on one of the strange benches facing away from the stage, and away you go. A living legend, Papa Joe´s Jazzlokal has live jazz every night from traditional to slightly more modern jazz, and is packed regularly with a mix of aficionados from ageing jazzheads to the occasional passing punk. Free to get in, the beer is a bit expensive, but the trip is always worth the effort. There´s nothing quite like is. Open 19:00 – 01:00